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We can also help YOU with finance for cars. motor cycles and other lifestyle choices such as boat and caravan finance.

We will work hard to put the keys to your new vehicle in your hand at a great rate from our range of lenders. Additionally, there is the potential for many of you to explore the potential of a novated lease/salary sacrificing scheme that can be arranged with your employer. This exciting opportunity is 

So whether it is a vehicle for your driving pleasure, or to having something for practical, safety and convenience for your family then talk to us about what could be possible for you.

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Secured Personal Loan

Secured car loans are designed to be lower risk for the lender, as the car purchased is used as collateral security for the loan.  Interest rates on secured loans are generally lower due to this type of loan being less of a risk to the lender.

It is crucial therefore that our broker works closely with you not only to look at general affordability but also getting you a favourable interest rate from our vast panel of lenders to make repayments cheaper and over an appropriate term for your personal circumstances.

Unsecured Loan

Unlike secured personal loans, the lender is not able to use your car or any assets as collateral security for the loan with unsecured loans. As a result, these loans have higher interest rates, however with the often greater flexibility that unsecured loans can offer this may be attractive option for some clients.

With direct access to a large number of  lenders we will find the most appropriate finance solution for YOU and ensure a great rate and loan term that takes into account your personal circumstances are considered.

Novated Lease

A novated lease is a finance agreement between and employees and you as an employer. The lender purchases the car and the employer makes payments against that loan direct from their pre-tax salary, This not only has tax benefits for you but there may be other inclusions such as maintenance and petrol that may be included in your scheme.

Going forward, at the end of the lease term, there are two options for you, You may opt to purchase the car outright for an agreed sum or even choose to upgrade to a different car and new lease agreement.

Our broker expertise can make this happen, so give us a call.

Chattel Mortgage for the self-employed

For the self-employed who need to use a vehicle for work purposes, through use of finance solutions such as Chattel Mortgages and Leases we can help keep YOUR business efficient and looking fresh as well as meeting your transport needs.

In essence, a chattel mortgage is very similar to a secured loan, however the tax benefits and potential to claim GST on the vehicle purchase for the self-employed make this an option worth considering.

Talk to us about whether this is a viable and beneficial type of finance for you.

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